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Filmmaker and VFX Artist

2014-02-11 16:06:26 by Mr-Abele

Well it's been ages since I've been back here and figure for all that it's worth I'd leave a note. You can now follow me on my youtube channel here.

I do Short Films, VFX, and Motion Design tutorials. So check it out and leave me a comment! 

Thanks! Newgrounds is where I got my start.

Almost done with Film School

2011-01-08 17:52:47 by Mr-Abele

Hey there, its been soooo long but I figured I would update anyone who still remotely remembers the Alpha Soldiers series.

I'm almost done with film school and beginning my career in film making. Here is a link to my new website, which I update fairly regularly with new content.


From Animation, to Video

2007-12-12 14:23:34 by Mr-Abele

Well, I switched, Finally did it. I bought a Panasonic DVX100b and have my own site.

Maybe one day I'll come back and start animating again.


Klay Abele

Not animating anymore

2007-08-23 19:17:49 by Mr-Abele

Hey sorry to finally say, but I don't animate anymore. I now do films and such. Just thought I should finally finalize that. haven't been on here for ages. Well take it easy everyone.